The Dormant Dreams of Yesterday

Have you lived, or are you living the dreams of someone else?Or for whatever reason, have you put your dreams on hold?

Have your dreams been dormant for way too long?

Would you like to live your dreams but you think that time has passed you by and it’s too late?

If you’re reading this story, I’m here to tell you that it’s not too late. In fact, I’ve had the pleasure to meet hundreds of people over the last few months who have stepped into their own path and had the courage to begin living their dreams.

I want to consider with you ways to begin reviving your dreams so you can actually live them.

Daily Doable: Get in a quiet place and write down some of the dreams that you would still like to live. You might begin with some of the dreams you’ve already experienced.

Make a list. Don’t beat yourself up. Yesterday is past, tomorrow will be a new day. Your dreams don’t have to remain dormant.


This Inspire Point was brought to you by your neighbor Tim Maudlin.

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