Finding My Way Home To Me!

Over the past few months, I’ve been refocusing and reimagining the world I want to create with my content. It has involved a lot of introspection and has led me to rediscover things about myself that were there all along.

All the while, I never stopped creating content. In fact, as I write this I’m on Day 136 of my goal to create 365 Inspire Points.

During this time, I’ve learned to listen to the whisper and the clues presented to me. Sometimes I could barely hear them. Other times, they were loud shouts! Below is a video of the breadcrumbs that led to my rediscovery.


Daily Doable: Find your way home to yourself. Listen to the whisper and make time to reflect and rediscover yourself.

Below is my frame-by-frame journey.







This Inspire Point was brought to you by your neighbor Tim Maudlin.

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