Laugh Alert!

Do you know someone who is wound so tight that they rarely laugh let alone smile? Maybe that’s you. At times, I’ve found myself getting way too serious. Usually, a few games of euchre will do the trick. Or if there is no one to play with, I put my favorite hoodie on.

Today’s Inspire Point comes to you courtesy of my dog Wolfie. Since she is still a puppy, this winter is her first experience with snow. The other day, I was walking her and she was sniffing around in the snow. When her head popped up, she reminded me of those “got milk?” commercials.

I snapped a pic and made the graphic below. It might not make you laugh out loud but you’ve got to admit Wolfie is pretty cute. Can I get an Awww?

Daily Doable: Make time for humor. Gift yourself permission to laugh and smile. Need some help? As owner and President of Wolfie’s Fan Club, you’re welcome to print her picture and display it prominently.