TRUST the Acronym

As a writer and content creator, I’m always looking for ways to make my writing unique and fresh. I love using acronyms because I never know where they are going to lead me.

Such is the case with this story. I began writing with the principle of Trust the Acronym. The rest is where the acronym took me.

TOOL: Acronyms are the perfect problem-solving tool. The first problem they solve is content creation. However, they also help you to flesh out ideas. This story is evolving as the acronym guides me.

REARRANGE IDEAS: By their very nature, acronyms are structured in a specific order. That arrangement might not seem useful at first. A lot of times though it is. But there have been times I’ve gone against convention.

UNDERSTAND: Acronyms really help you to understand concepts in deeper ways. It stretches your imagination to come up with words to fit the overall theme. I never cease to be amazed at these word combinations.

STEPS: This benefit is especially useful. By chunking down a concept into an acronym, a lot of times individual words become actual steps in a process. A process to better grasp the overall meaning of the concept.

TRUTH: This final benefit is similar to the steps point but with a little twist. Acronyms help you to peel back layer after layer of truth. You begin to see these truths about the concept you never realized were even there.

Daily Doable: Trust the acronym. Not only for content creation but learn to use acronyms for problem-solving and more. Get your own ACRONYM Template at this LINK. No opt-in required.