Connect the Unconnected

For one of my 15 daily minutes of introspection, I selected a card from Roger von Oech’s Innovative Whack™ It contains a series of epigrams from the philosopher Heraclitus. My card said…

A wonderful harmony is created when we join together the seemingly unconnected.

On the back of the card was the phrase Connect the Unconnected followed by examples of people who had harmonized the unconnected to create products, businesses, processes, etc.

One of my favorite connections of the unconnected is the candy bar that joins peanut butter and chocolate. It’s so popular I don’t even have to call it by name. Btw, I tend to love that connection a little too much.

This Inspire Point is meant to encourage you to look for ways to make these connections. For this story, I connected the unconnected to create the background for the graphic at the top. You can read about the connection between my gnomes and a burn barrel here.

Daily Doable: In how many ways can you connect the unconnected. Let your creativity soar. Your quest for harmony will be rewarded by the combinations you will discover.