Art Is Everywhere

Did you realize that you are surrounded by art? Really! And some of it is in the most unlikely places and on the most unlikely things.

Skeptical? I get it. My wife was too. As I was preparing the art for this story, she gave me one of those, what are you doing now looks. Stay with me because, in this story, I will show how you can turn anything into a piece of art. Even something like this burn barrel.

I wanted to photograph three of my gnomes for a future story. I also wanted to do it outside because of how nice daylight makes the photo look.

The image for the story below was photographed in daylight.

The challenge was to find a background that would be interesting and complement the gnomes. Below is one of my other gnomes. The background for the graphic in this story was an old t-shirt. I didn’t want to do this again.

As I looked around outside, I saw the burn barrel pictured in the main graphic for this story. It was the same color scheme as the gnomes. Perfect! With a little staging, it would work nicely for the backdrop.

Notice there is nothing fancy in the propping for this shot. An old cooler, a few bricks, and a cardboard box, that had seen better days.

Below is the photo shot with my iPhone. I used the Portrait mode because it allows for the bokeh effect you see in the background.

Here’s the final image. I brought the photo into RelayThat for branding and the border. You WILL see this image in another story.

Daily Doable: Art is everywhere, if you just know where to look. Begin by looking at the things around you. It just takes a little creativity.