Quick Wins

Instant gratification usually carries a negative connotation. It implies a lack of self-control. That extra slice of pie you eat may blow your diet for a day but that’s an example of instant gratification you can live with.

Other situations where you lose your inhibitions and give in to your appetites may have life-long consequences. 

Think of the person who wants to “drown their sorrows” in alcohol and then gets behind the wheel and kills someone.

Think of the young couple who “hooked up” and now are going to be parents.

Or think of the person who blows their paycheck for the thrill of gambling and loses their house or worse.

Hopefully, we all understand the danger of this kind of mindset.

Can instant gratification be a good thing? In the right context, I believe so. Let me explain.

Do you like a quick win? Something immediate to motivate and satisfy you. I know I do. That’s one of the reasons I love to cut firewood.

I can literally go from the woodpile to my fireplace in one afternoon. There are no committees, no permits, no long delays, etc. The wood I cut today can warm me tonight. That’s a good thing because I’m usually VERY sore.

Daily Doable: How about you? Think of a quick win that will satisfy you now. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Some simple something usually works best.