Doing What You Can Where You Are

A lot of people impose limits on themselves based solely on where they are. The rationale is there are better opportunities somewhere else. Really?

That’s selling yourself short. Don’t do that! Doing what you can WHERE you are makes you focus on the here and now.

You will become more creative.
You will become more resourceful.

It begs the question, what opportunities does your present location offer to you?

In a previous story, I discovered a makeshift structure constructed from the limbs of fallen trees. Whoever built this decided to do something WHERE they were. They didn’t go somewhere else to build this structure. They assessed the situation and built what they could right where they were.

Each of my Inspire Points ends with the phrase, Do What You Can Now. I would like to share an expanded version of that phrase with you.

Daily Doable:
Don’t limit yourself based on location. Assess the available opportunities where you are. Your creativity and resourcefulness will present solutions unique to you.