Unclog Life’s Clogs

If you’ve ever had plumbing issues, this image is a welcome sight. A drain that actually drains! It’s a headache when it doesn’t. The clog must be removed!

My house is over sixty years old and was built really well. But over time, stuff wears out or stops working as it should. That describes my bathtub.

Since my family has been in our house, the bathtub is always clogging. Aside from having the walls ripped out and the pipes replaced, we have tried everything we could think of.

The most recent clog was really stubborn. Nothing worked! Our showers became shorter because we had to bale all of the water we used. It felt like we were living in pioneer times. Boy, are we soft! Our goal was to bale the tub until we saved enough for a plumber.

Then my brother came to the rescue. He was having plumbing problems at his house. Nothing worked until he discovered a pressurized drain opener at the hardware store. It’s a small canister that safely blasts clogs.

His clog wasn’t very bad, so he gave us the rest of his canister. It not only took the remaining blasts in that canister but a couple more canisters before our clog was cleared. But it worked! YAY!!!

What’s the takeaway? For plumbing issues, pressurized drain openers are amazing. But what about the other kinds of clogs in life?

 You know, those times you are stuck or something is blocking your progress. Do you meet resistance by walking away? Not necessarily.

Daily Doable: Sometimes resistance must be met with force. Not just any force. Targeted force. A little targeted force might just be all you need to unclog the clogs in your life. Give it a try.