My Friend Sadie

Meet my friend Sadie. She and I have a special connection.

One winter day, I was hunting hiking sticks on a friend’s property, Sadie’s home turf. Sadie followed me at a distance as I walked along the edges of the cornfields looking for patches of honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle vines wrap themselves around small saplings and form the most unique trees. No two are alike. They are perfect for hiking sticks.

My hunt was VERY successful. Now I just needed to get my bundle of sticks down the hill and back to the car. It was going to be a long walk.

Sadie had been shadowing me the entire time, never getting too close. As I began the walk back to my car, she decided it was time to call it a day too.

With all of the sticks I was carrying, I was going a lot slower than when I started. Not Sadie. She had energy to spare. Sadie would run ahead; almost out of sight. Then something interesting happened.

Sadie circled back and stopped a few feet away from me and waited until I reached her. Then she would take off again. She followed this routine all the way back to my car. She WAS NOT going to leave me behind.

Daily Doable: Be a friend like Sadie. Show concern. Circle back and check in on your friends and make sure they are okay. Don’t leave them behind.

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