It Can’t Be Unsaid

“Oh, be careful little mouth what you say,” is a line from a song I was taught as a boy. Unfortunately, there have been times in my life where I have failed to remember those simple words. And the repercussions were unpleasant.

Today, social media is full of conversations that were better left unsaid. Have you ever read a hateful post by someone you respect? Be honest; your respect for that person took a hit, didn’t it?

I’m not saying people can’t be forgiven. I know I’ve needed forgiveness. We must be willing to show grace and forgiveness to others if we ever expect to have the same shown to us.

Words can’t be unsaid. Whether positive or negative, they will leave a mark. Words begin in the heart, so train your heart to think good thoughts.

Please allow me to add another verse to this song. “Oh, be careful little fingers what you type.” This includes texting, messaging, and posting.

Daily Doable: Train your heart to be more loving. Let’s be more civil to one another. What can you say or text to someone that builds them up rather than tears them down? Say that! Type that!

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