Making Do With What You Have

Most people look at sticks on the ground and think nothing of it, especially in the woods. It’s natural. Just leave them alone. Someone else can look at those same sticks and think of potential shelter.

On one of my hikes, I saw this impromptu shelter created from sticks that were once lying on the ground. It’s simple and got the job done.

How can a person train themselves to see possibilities like this? It begins with perspective and awareness.

Each of my Inspire Points ends with the phrase, Do What You Can Now. I would like to share an expanded version of that phrase with you.

Doing with what you have, forces you to get creative and resourceful.

Daily Doable: Begin with taking inventory of what assets you have to work with. Train your mind to look for solutions with what you have. You’re more creative than you give yourself credit. Use them now to do what you can.



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This Inspire Point was brought to you by your neighbor Tim Maudlin.

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