Ask the How Question to OVERWHELM overwhelm?

Do you know someone who is overwhelmed because of the poor choices they make? They keep repeating the same mistake over and over. They live in overwhelm. It’s tragic. It’s sad. And it’s unnecessary.

If you dare suggest they need to stop doing whatever it is they are doing, you can see their defenses go up. They dig in and the blame game begins. You might even be caught in the crossfire.

Is there another way to approach them and be the friend they need? May I suggest this?

Ask them this question. How’s that working out for you? Don’t ask it with a condescending, judgmental tone. Ask it out of love and concern.

Hopefully, they will be honest with themselves and answer, “not so well.” Then offer to do whatever you can to help. But first, they MUST be willing to admit their overwhelm is a result of their poor choices.

Daily Doable: Are you overwhelmed? Is it possible your overwhelm is the result of a poor choice? How’s that working out for you? If your answer is, not so well, what can you do today to OVERWHELM overwhelm? And if there is any way I can help you, please let me know.

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