When Your Back Is Against the Wall, OVERWHELM overwhelm

There’s no more overwhelming feeling than when your back is against the wall. You feel helpless. You feel like there is no way out. But there is. Actually, there are multiple ways out.

In this Inspire Point, let’s consider the phrase when your back is against the wall and see how you can turn it into an empowering question to discover multiple ways you can OVERWHELM overwhelm today.

Here’s your question…
When my back is against the wall, in how many ways can I OVERWHELM overwhelm?

Remember you always have options to OVERWHELM overwhelm so don’t limit your answer to one. It’s how MANY ways can I.

Daily Doable: Ask yourself the question above. Write your ANSWERS down. Look them over whenever you feel overwhelmed. Which one resonates with you? Use that one today to OVERWHELM overwhelm.

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This Inspire Point was brought to you by your neighbor Tim Maudlin.

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