Get Your T-Shirt Vibe On!

Do you own one, two, or more t-shirts that hold a special meaning to you? T-shirts that you’ve held onto for years. T-shirts you can’t imagine throwing away? Do you get a special VIBE when you wear a particular t-shirt?

Whatever the reason, did you notice I made no mention of the color, the style, or the cut of the t-shirt? Those are important elements but that’s not what makes a t-shirt powerful.

No, it’s more than that. It’s what the t-shirt says, what it represents, who gave it to you, or why you bought it that makes it so powerful.

The t-shirt pictured in this story reminds me of some dear friends. We love to play a card game called euchre. I made everyone in our group this t-shirt.

The other day I needed to get my VIBE on. So I put the hoodie version of the t-shirt on and shared a picture with my friends. One of them said she was going to wear her t-shirt too.

That’s pretty cool.

There’s a vibe about t-shirts. People tell me over and over again the one thing that triggers this VIBE is their t-shirt. It might seem simple, it might seem odd, it might seem funny but it’s true.

Daily Doable: Get your VIBE on. How? Pull out your favorite t-shirt and wear it today. Simple? Yes! But effective.

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