New Boots… Sore Ankles

Recently I gifted myself a new pair of hiking boots. It had been over 20 years since I bought my last pair. I wore those old boots into the ground.

A few steps down the aisle in the store were enough to convince me. I couldn’t wait to try them on a REAL hike.

At first, it was baby hikes, just me and my dogs walking around our property. That was a good thing because my ankles were SORE! It had been a long time since there was something on my feet with that much support.

The boots needed time to break in and my feet needed time to adjust. Each time I wear them it gets a little easier. The boots aren’t as stiff and my ankles aren’t as sore. I believe this is a good metaphor for life.

Whenever you begin a new grade in school or get a new pair of jeans or begin a new job, you need to realize there’s gonna be a breaking in period.

At first, things will be a little stiff and may even cause a little discomfort. But over time as you adjust, things will become comfortable.

Daily Doable: Start with baby steps. Work through the initial discomfort. Be patient because comfort will replace stiffness. It just takes a little time.

This Inspire Point was brought to you by your neighbor Tim Maudlin.

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