About Those Milestones We Celebrate and Miss?

It is the kind of image you see a lot on social media; a smiling teenager standing in front of a BMV sign after they have gotten their driving permit. It is one of those rites of passage from childhood to adulthood.

Tragically, some parents never get to share this milestone with their children. Death rears its ugly head and snuffs out a young life full of promise. I can’t fathom the hole that must leave a parent. Still, I understand the hole of missed life events.

Parenting a child of adoption trauma, I know firsthand the disappointment and feel the hole of missed life events. 

That is what made this milestone for my younger son so special. I got to share his excitement with him. We, my wife and I don’t have many pictures like this with our oldest son.

My heart breaks, not so much for me but for my oldest son who unknowingly is depriving himself of memories he will never be able to regain. I trust the proverb, “It is good for a man to bear the yoke in his youth.” Why he insists on adding unnecessary weight to that burden, doesn’t make sense to me.

My challenge with him is to look for those moments, small wins, and savor every one of them. They do come! But are fewer and farther apart than I would like. That is where patience comes in. It is something I must work on.

Today, I celebrate with my youngest son and the milestone he has achieved. This picture puts a smile on my face!

Daily Doable: Life is fleeting. Savor every moment and celebrate every milestone with your children. And if you have a child who insists on adding unnecessary burdens to their life, support them when you can but trust the proverb that it is good for them to bear the yoke while they are young.

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