8 Innovative, Easy, and Creative Graphic Fundamentals

Don’t let the funny name fool you. Dingbats are amazing graphics anyone, regardless of artistic training, can use to Stop the Scroll and grab your readers’ attention. But first…

Think back to your childhood and remember how much you looked forward to recess? As adults, a lot of us have forgotten the joy of playtime. I don’t want that for myself or you.

I began drawing at an early age and never stopped. In fact, I found a way to turn my passion for drawing into a career as an architectural illustrator. As I told school kids on career day, I got paid to play!

Over the years, there were times when I played with words. Nothing serious but I had a lot of fun. Recently, I’ve been more deliberate with my wordplay. My favorite tool for wordplay is the ACRONYM template.

I’ve also played with graphics I did not create. They’re called dingbats.

I love dingbats and acronyms. The marriage of the two is like that wonderful combination of peanut butter and chocolate. I love Reeses, waaay too much!

When my colleagues saw how I was using dingbats in my stories, they asked me to show them. So, without further adieu, may I present…
DINGBAT BASICS, a graphical ACRONYM story

Daily Doable: Remember the joy of playtime? Do you enjoy playing with words? Consider combining your words with dingbats. Keep reading. I have a way for you to get the special tool I use for my wordplay.

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