Respect: The Polite Way To de-Grinch A GRINCH

Have you ever been around a Grinch? If you have, you know who I’m talking about. Someone who takes pleasure in spoiling the pleasure of others.

Is it possible to de-grinch a Grinch? Dr. Seuss thought so. And the citizens of Who-ville are proof that it can be done. But how?

How can those of us who are not as cute as Little Cindy Lou Who de-grinch the grinchiest of Grinches? I dare not attempt to wordsmith verse like the beloved G.O.A.T. Dr. Seuss. But I will offer my thoughts in ACRONYM.

G-R-I-N-C-H: 6 steps to de-grinch the grinchiest of Grinches.



Be polite to the grinches you encounter without expectation of reciprocation. Difficult? It can be! The temptation is to return in kind especially when someone is unkind. However, with a mindset of respect for others, your actions will be directed in a positive direction. Let the following quote sink in.

Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.
~Laurence Sterne

Daily Doable: As much as it depends on you, show respect and be polite to the Grinches you encounter? A simple “Thank You,” is an excellent start. And there’s a strong possibility your respectful manners could rub off on the grinchiest of Grinches.

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