He Had Just Lost His Forever Home!

After six of his litter mates had found their “forever homes,” would Teddy find his “Happily Ever After?” It wasn’t looking good.

I had just gotten off of the phone with the person who was supposed to take Teddy. It was a perfect situation. She wanted both Teddy and his brother Toby. I loved the idea that they would be together.

Unfortunately, the person who wanted him realized she could only take one puppy. I was back to square one or was I?

Come back with me three months. Our dog, Remi, had eight puppies! My wife, Mary Beth, had told our son, Andrew, he could have his pick of the litter. Now I needed to find homes for seven puppies!

For previous litters, I had posted ads in Facebook dog groups. That system worked great. One person actually drove six hours to get three puppies. But Facebook doesn’t allow that anymore. With the Facebook option off of the table, how could I get the word out?

Here’s what I did.

Step 1: I made a poster like the one below and hung them on bulletin boards in our local businesses. The final poster included my phone number.


Step 2: I placed an ad in our local newspaper. The ad ran for one week in three different papers. Note: newspapers are still a great option.

Step 3: I posted an ad on a website called Hoobly. This site was easy to use and allows you to separate listings by the type of breed.

Step 4: Word-of-Mouth. Friends and family helped get the word out.

With a combination of these four steps, six of the puppies found great homes. And I had a waiting list of people interested.

After Teddy’s adoption fell through, I picked up my phone and looked through my texts. My plan was to reach out to a couple of individuals and see if they were still interested. If they weren’t, I would continue working down the list.

Two texts were all it took. Within twenty minutes, a woman named Shelby was interested in Teddy. She made plans to drive ninety minutes to get him.

It was a PERFECT fit! Shelby fell in love with Teddy and took him to his “Happily Ever After ” with her other two dogs.

Daily Doable: Regardless of what you are selling, building a waiting list is critical to your success. Teddy got his “Happily Ever After” but it would not have happened this quickly, or at all, without a waiting list.


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