The CURSE of Knowledge

What is the curse of knowledge? It’s a mindset trap where a person dismisses something that is easy for them to do, thinking it’s not relevant to other people. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Why is a cure for the curse of knowledge important?
Because when you think this way, there will be a tendency to not share what you do.

In this acronym story, please consider with me 5 Ways to Cure the Curse of Knowledge once and for all.

Do you realize there are people curious about how you approach and solve problems? Yes, there are. When you share your solutions to problems, there will be people asking you how you did that.

Have you ever seen someone do something and wondered how they did that? They make it look easy. If you think that about someone else, doesn’t it make sense someone could think that way about you? Absolutely!

With the curse of knowledge, it’s easy to forget how unique you are. You look different. You sound different. We understand that. The same uniqueness holds true for how you approach and solve problems. Your unique fingerprint is all over what you do.

To cure the curse of knowledge you must respect yourself. You must respect the abilities that you have. You must respect how you approach things. Please don’t underestimate yourself. Respect who you are.

The way you say how you solve a problem is the way someone else needs to hear it. It will resonate with people because they are hearing it said in a way that makes sense to them. That’s a BIG deal!

Think about a time when you heard someone describing how they solved a problem. All of a sudden, something they said or the way they said it clicked with you. The same holds true when you share your solutions.

Embrace your expertise because you are the expert in how you do what you do. Never forget this. Listen carefully because this bears repeating.

Daily Doable:
The “Curse of Knowledge” is actually a blessing. It’s only a curse if we allow it to be. Decide to share what you know. Share your gift with others. Not confident? Begin by sharing with a small group. You’ll be amazed at the reaction you get.

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