Fortune Cookie Wisdom: New Ways to Say Thank You

Recently, my wife brought home Chinese carryout for dinner. My fortune cookie had the message you see in the graphic above. I believe it plants a lovely thought in our minds about the importance of gratitude.

How can we nurture this lovely thought into reality? Below are 5 suggestions I offer to you. Thank you for joining me in consideration of this topic.

1. Do you have a heart of gratitude?

It’s important to establish this from the get-go. Without a heart of gratitude, it’s going to be difficult to think of new ways to say thank you. If you find yourself not feeling thankful, pause, and ask yourself what can I be thankful for right now? You WILL discover something.

2. Expect to discover new ways to say “Thank you.”

Our minds are wonderfully made. They are working even while we rest. Just like the farmer expects to see a harvest from the seed that he plants, you can expect your own harvest of ideas. Plant this thought, relax, and be patient.

3. Embrace and Collect Your Ideas

You will be amazed by the ideas your mind will create. Embrace them. I like to write mine down as soon as they appear. Otherwise, I’m likely to forget them. A journal is a great place to record your ideas.

4. Act on Your Ideas.

A great idea will do nothing unless it is acted on. Did you get a lot of ideas? Great! Don’t know which one to begin with? Pick one and do it. You have your list. Check them off as you implement each one.

5. Rinse and Repeat.

The beautiful thing about this process is it can be used over and over. And not just for the topic of gratitude. Use it whenever you need ideas. Do you think you have exhausted the ideas for saying thank you? Think again. You can’t turn this faucet off if you wanted to. They will keep coming 😃

Daily Doable: Make it your goal to daily look for new ways to say thank you. Regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in, with a heart of gratitude, you will find life more enjoyable and you will say thank you a lot.

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