HABITS: An Acronym Story

Pick any worthwhile goal you can think of, and in order to achieve it, you will need to establish a series of habits. 

What should these habits look like? 

How do you decide what habits will work for you?

How do you stay with your habits when things get tough?

In this ACRONYM story, these are some of the questions I’ll answer as we consider 6 steps you can use right now to formulate goal-reaching habits.

I chose to begin with healthy because the word can describe all kinds of beneficial goals, such as physical health, mental health, and healthy relationships. All of these can and should factor into worthwhile habits.

For an intention to turn into a habit, it must involve daily action steps. Thinking and talking about what you want to become is a good place to start but don’t think your goal will be achieved if that’s all you do. It takes action.

Meteorologists use barometers to forecast the change in weather. Think of your daily action steps as a barometer that is forecasting the change you desire. They reflect who you are becoming.

Who is someone you admire, someone you would like to imitate? Reverse engineer a life you admire. If it’s possible, ask the person about their daily habits. Implement the strategy they used and set it as your goal.

Keeping track of your daily activities is a great accountability technique. But it’s also an excellent way to measure your progress. As you see the progress you’re making, you will be motivated to keep moving forward.

Excitement and enthusiasm are easy to have when you first begin working toward a new goal. But how do you maintain that drive after the newness has worn off? The answer: Sustainable, Small Steps.

Daily Doable: Good or bad, habits are life-changing. To reach worthwhile goals, stay within yourself, and pick habits that work for you.

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