Fortune Cookie Wisdom: No More DOUBT?

I love fortune cookies. I love to crack them open and read my fortune. Occasionally there will be one with a pithy saying. The really good ones are taped inside a composition book to use later. Like the one for this story.

Why does doubt happen?

Here are five ways to rid yourself of doubt and take the next small step.

1. Stop TRYING to do too much at once.

It’s natural to want to take a big leap in order to reach your goal. Consequently, you end up biting off more than you can chew.

2. Don’t BEAT yourself up.

It’s easy to get down on yourself. Take a step back and recognize this was not a good approach. It’s time to regroup and make a fresh start.

3. UNDERSTAND that simple, small steps add up.

This is a foreign concept in our “I want it now,” culture. Be patient and take one small step after another. You’ll actually get to your goal faster.

4. Look for the OBVIOUS next step.

What does your next step look like? Don’t make this hard. More than likely it’s right in front of you. Just open your eyes to the obvious.

5. DO what you can now.

Pick ONE thing you can do right now. It will eliminate the things that are out of reach. Focus on what you can do will give you confidence moving forward.

Daily Doable: Don’t try to do too much and don’t beat yourself up. Simple steps add up and are usually obvious. #DoWhatYouCanNow

A Personal Story

When I’m trying to come up with my next small step, I go for a walk. Moving my legs gets my brain in gear. Here’s how it worked for this story.

I knew I wanted to write about the message in my fortune but I didn’t know how I was going to begin. So I went for a walk. After a few steps, it came to me. The step was right under my nose.

I used my ACRONYM template. Unscramble the letters in the five points in this story, T, B, U, O, and D and it spells DOUBT.

I wrote down the five letters of DOUBT and kept walking. In a matter of minutes, all five points were outlined, easy peasy.

Can I send you my ACRONYM Template? Details below.