i BraKe For pOsSums!

I admire fellow writers like Amy Marley who possess the gift to craft poetic verse that charms and inspires. That is not me 😦

All of us and I include myself, could use a little levity from time to time. I enjoy the meter of haiku and I have developed my own version, be it with a country flair.

With apologies to our traditional haiku writers, I offer this satirical Hillbilly Hi-Koo titled i BraKe For pOsSums!

Daily Doable: Possums may be large and rodent-like, but they care for their young just like the koala and the kangaroo. Help protect Indiana’s resident marsupial.
Say it with me. i BraKe For pOsSums!

Disclaimer: No possums were harmed during the creation of this Hi-Koo. Any connection to an untimely demise of our beloved marsupial is purely coincidental. Should such be the case, please pull off on the side of the road for a moment of silence. Thank you!

This Hillbilly Hi-Koo was brought to you by…


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