If You Can Type, You Can Draw

If You Can Type, You Can Draw. Graphics at Your Fingertips.
Too good to be true? Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.

All of the images I’ve used in this story were typed. Yes typed. What are they?

They’re called dingbats. 

Don’t let the funny name fool you. Dingbats are the perfect graphics for your Medium stories, blog posts, videos, emails, icons, etc. And they’re FREE?

Let this quote sink in.

It’s really that easy. When my colleagues saw what I was doing with dingbats, they asked me to teach them how to use them in their content.

This has led me to develop a special training called.

I’ll answer questions like…

=> Where do you find dingbats?

=> How do you convert them to a useable graphic?

=> How do you incorporate dingbats into your content?

Would you like to be on the guestlist for a sneak peek of this special training? Please fill out the form at the end of this story. But first…

Like to see some more examples of dingbats? Check out this video.


Daily Doable: Stop the scroll, grab your readers’ attention, and make your content stand out in the crowd. Use dingbats in your content.

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