Trust The Simple Process To Amazing Clarity

More often than not, life’s paths are not a straight shot to your final destination. No, they are just the opposite, winding, foggy, and filled with uncertainty.

What’s around the next bend? What’s that fuzzy image ahead?
You don’t know.

How do you navigate these paths? Do you run with eyes closed hoping to make it where you want to go? No!

Without a clear picture, what’s your next move? Do you stop and give up? Absolutely not!

In this ACRONYM story, we’ll consider the third of the three T’s that lead to CLARITY. Trust The Process

Trust The Process To Clarity

Clarity requires faith. By that I mean, clarity requires you to trust the process.

I’ve faced my own challenges with drawing and writing. But I learned to trust the process and the process led me to the results I wanted. I chronicle my phobia of blank computer screens in this story.

Whether you realize it or not, you already trust the process for a lot of things.

For example, take baking cookies. Begin with a recipe. Follow each step and in less than 30 minutes, you can sit down to a plate of warm cookies and a glass of milk. The process, recipe, works every time.

What is the recipe for clarity? There are a number of steps that I’ve been writing about. Steps like How to Easily Read Your Way to Clarity. Or, How to Easily Ideate Your Way to Clarity.

Daily Doable: Think of clarity like baking cookies. Start with the recipe and follow the steps. They will lead you to the clarity you desire.

Coming Next: Move Beyond Yesterday to Achieve Clarity

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