Speak It! Tweak It! Release It!

Dad loved to read Louis L’Amour. Mom has a closet full of books to prove it. I recently saw a quote attributed to Mr. L’Amour about writing that I wanted to share with you.

That’s so true. But what if you have trouble starting?

Well, here’s a tip to prime the pump for you. I call it, Speak It! Tweak It! Release It!

Step 1: Speak your content. This could be a video or voice recording. It can be as easy as talking into your phone. I use this app on my phone.

Step 2: Tweak your content. Transcribe your recording and edit it. There are apps on your phone that make this super simple. There are also paid transcription services like Temi.com.

Step 3: Release your content. Share your content. As you know, platforms like Medium will actually pay you to write.

I used these steps for this story: a little thing like a BIG hat.

Daily Doable: Share something you know with the world today. Someone is waiting to hear it in the way only you can say it. Speak It! Tweak It! Release It!

Author’s note: If you would like to go deeper into this content creation technique, my business partner JeffHerring.com and I conducted a 10-Day Content Challenge we called Speak It! Tweak It! Release It! There’s a 41 page eBook that documents the challenge. It includes a webinar transcript, daily assignments, templates, examples, and much more. Get your copy here.

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