How to Easily Read Your Way to Clarity

More often than not, life’s paths are not a straight shot to your final destination. No, they are just the opposite, winding, foggy, and filled with uncertainty.

What’s around the next bend? What’s that fuzzy image ahead?
You don’t know.

How do you navigate these paths? Do you run with eyes closed hoping to make it where you want to go? No!

Without a clear picture, what’s your next move? Do you stop and give up? Absolutely not!

In this ACRONYM story, we’ll consider the first of the three R’s that lead to CLARITY. How to Easily Read Your Way to Clarity

Read Your Way to Clarity

There’s nothing like a good book to help you gain clarity. It could be the way a particular problem was solved. It could be how certain characters interacted with one another. Or it could be clarity comes from someone’s discovery.

A capacity, and taste, for reading gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others. ~Abraham Lincoln

Do you read for enjoyment? Great! There’s nothing like getting lost in a great book to stoke the fires of imagination.

But have you considered reading with purpose in order to gain access to the discoveries of others?

Has there been a book that has guided you to clarity in the past?

Do you have a favorite author that helps you see clearly?

Daily Doable: Read for enjoyment. Yes! But realize the benefits of seeking the wisdom and clarity of reading with purpose. Discover your way to clarity by reading. Clarity could be sitting on your bookshelf right now.

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