Unlocking The CAGES of Our Minds

Have you ever felt like someone or something was holding you back and preventing you from becoming who you were meant to be?

I believe that someone is you and the somethings are the excuses you make.

That’s pretty harsh Tim. It’s not harsh, it’s honest. I know because I’ve been exactly where you are. There is a quote I came across that says it very well.

Let that soak in. More often than not, it’s our thoughts that hold us back, keep us down, and prevent us from reaching our potential?

The good news is, if we are the cause of our cages, then we also hold the keys to unlocking them.

Consider with me 5 keys to unlocking the cages of our minds.


We might as well start with the elephant in the room or in this case the elephant in the cage. Many people will never leave the confines of the cage in their minds because they prefer comfortable to courageous.


There is no way to escape the cage of your mind unless you are willing to accept responsibility for your actions and purpose to do something about it.


And while you’re doing something about it, don’t stand still. Get after it! There’s a quote I have adopted to guide me when I’m stuck. It’s clarity comes with action.


This is not a sprint. Granted there may be times you will need to make decisions and move faster but more often than not this is a marathon. Are you in it for the long haul?


Don’t wait. Start now! Waiting or procrastination is the key to failure.

Daily Doable: The door to your cage is actually open. The only thing holding you back is YOU! And you hold the keys to unlocking the cage of your mind. Are you willing to use them and reach your potential? I believe you are.

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