The 3 C’s of Mind Mapping

Just mention the phrase Mind Mapping, and you’re likely to get a range of reactions: from a Zealous Evangelist to a Doubting Thomas.

Mind mapping is not for everyone but don’t dismiss it just because you think it you can’t do it. The basic premise of mind mapping is to Capture, Collect, and Collate your thoughts.

This story in meme, is meant to be a fun way to consider a system that can make content creation super easy.

Fred, I don’t think these hats are going to collect our thoughts.

You’re correct Barney. Early prehistoric attempts at mind mapping proved futile. While these water buffalo hats were stylish for their day, unfortunately, they did little to collect the thoughts of our Bedrock Buddies.

You can develop a system to capture and collect your thoughts. Even if it’s pen and paper. That’s a perfect place to start.

DOH Homer! You’re making mind mapping hard!

STOP IT Homer! Mind mapping doesn’t have to be hard. You are looking for a way to organize or collate your thoughts. There are several very simple solutions on the market. Some even free. There are also apps for your phone and desktop computer. Keep it simple. Use what works best for you.

Mind Mapping, it’s kind of a BIG deal Rocky!

Yes, it is Bullwinkle! At the height of the Cold War, I’ll fearless leaders successfully developed a lot of the concepts used today in mind mapping. Why do think Boris and Natasha’s plans were always thwarted? That’s right!

This was purposely a lighthearted approach to talk about mind mapping. In future stories, I’ll share some of my favorite mind mapping methods.

Thanks for reading. One of the tools I use in conjunction with my mind maps is the ACRONYM Template. You can grab your complimentary copy below.