Take a Hike… With Me!

One of my favorite pastimes is hiking. Whether it’s by myself, with my wife or the entire family, I love walking outdoors. I prefer the wooded trail but also enjoy urban hiking through neighborhoods. There are so many benefits. In this short acronym story, I’ll share 4 of my favorite.


Yes, you heard me, hills for lunch. Think of it this way, Calories, Cardio, and Confidence. Burn calories get in a great cardio workout and build confidence. I love looking down at the bottom of the hill I’ve just climbed. There’s a sense of accomplishment. It’s a win-win-win.



Whenever I need an idea, the quickest way to trigger my imagination is to go for a hike. It’s like my mind gets in gear once my legs begin moving. Sometimes the ideas come so fast. So I’ve learned to have pen and paper on hand or an app on my phone available to capture them.



Not only is hiking an idea generator but it’s also a great time to reflect. I’ve worn a path around my property to clear my head and reflect. It’s perfect for meditation. Sometimes my wife joins me. It’s great for us time. And I love the memories taking the entire family hiking.



There’s something soothing about nature’s symphony and art gallery. Each season has its own special features. One of the things I like to say about the starkness of winter is it’s a different kind of pretty. I even find a different kind of pretty in some of the most inhospitable vegetation.

Daily Doable: Even if it’s just walking around your yard or neighborhood, make time to hike. I know you’ll love the benefits.

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