Happy Accidents Make Drawing Fun!

For almost 30 years, I organized charity bicycle rides. Some for my hometown Lions and Rotary Clubs. Others for food banks and domestic violence shelters.

In addition to the logistics of course design, social media, and advertising, I designed all of the graphics including the event T-shirts. It was always a thrill watching the riders wearing my T-shirts.

Occasionally, I’ll look back through some of my old sketchbooks. The thumbnail sketch for the main graphic in this story was the inspiration for the final Safari Bicycle Tour shirt I did.

My Process…

I love how a simple pencil stroke can capture just the right expression. These “happy accidents” are what make drawing fun.

The challenge is to convert the essence of the sketch to the final art. I prefer to draw the art small like the sketch and then enlarge it to shirt size.

As I like to say, it’s not perfect until it’s not perfect.

Below are the before and after images of my T-shirt design. The image on the left is the thumbnail sketch. It’s about the size of my thumb.

Below is a random selection of drawings from my sketchbooks. These became the inspiration for other T-shirt designs. T-shirts are my canvas for expression.

I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me. This story was inspired by my Know, Like & Trust Template. You can read about it HERE.

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