Stop Waiting For Opportunity to Knock!

Have you ever found yourself waiting for the opportunity to do the ONE thing you would LOVE to do but the opportunity never shows up?

Have you ever waited for someone to pick you?

I’m speaking as much to myself as I am to you.

As our Inspire Point quote suggests, it’s time to build your own door.

Daily Doable: If all you hear is silence, maybe it’s time to build your door. Congratulations, that’s an awesome first step. Now I want to challenge you to open that door and have the courage to walk through it to all of the opportunities awaiting you.

Need a little encouragement? I get it. Me too. Below are some other stories I’ve written about similar topics to motivate all of us to action.

You’re the Director. Don’t make excuses. Take Action!

Don’t get comfortable with inaction. Consider the long-term risks of inaction.

Channel your inner child and take the LEAP to something amazing.

Remember this simple cure for procrastination.

And if necessary, don’t forget you can always hit the Reset Button.

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