How to Create Amazing Books Quickly and Easily

Should an author consider writing their books on Medium? I believe so.

In this acronym story, let’s dig deep and consider 7 reasons why it makes sense for authors to take advantage of this platform.

AUTHORS: an acronym story


One of the benefits of writing on Medium is that you can actually build your book on this platform. There is an accumulative effect as you drip out content. It adds up. And before you know it, you’ve written a chapter or more.



Writing this way allows you to understand your audience. You understand what kind of stories they want to hear. And your audience will give you instant feedback via claps, highlights, shares, and comments.



I like to call Medium my personal laboratory. Writing on Medium allows you to test and try new things. How did one story perform over another? If you’re developing characters for a book, pay attention to your readers’ reactions.



Consistent, content creation on Medium allows you to write your stories and test what is resonating with your audience. But it also allows you to hone your craft and find your voice. You become better by doing.



The are many opportunities available on Medium. One is sharing in publications. Publications are groups sometimes centered around a specific topic. Others, like ILLUMINATION, are made up of a wide range of topics.



Writing on Medium is really a no-brainer. With all of the benefits I’ve listed so far, why wouldn’t you? But if you’re still not convinced, this one should seal the deal. Medium pays you for something you are going to do anyway?



As you have been creating content, testing what your readers like, and getting paid to do it, the icing on the cake is you can prepare your readers to purchase your finished book. Sales are waiting for you.

Daily Doable: Should an author consider writing their books on Medium? YES! As you write your stories, it’s possible to create an entire book on Medium. You can choose to share just enough content to whet your readers’ appetite and leave them wanting more. So what’s stopping you? Begin today.

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