True Humility

True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.
~ Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for?

In previous stories, I’ve shared instances where my friends have encouraged me. In each of those stories, there has been a principle in play.

I would like to dig deeper into this principle and look at ways that we can apply it in our lives. And suggest some things that we can do in order to activate this principle.

Today’s topic is humility.

When you have a humility mindset, you will be motivated to encourage others.

As our quote mentioned, true humility is not that you think less of yourself, you just think of yourself less. In other words, you think more about others. As we consider this idea of thinking more of others, let me suggest to you a couple of ways.

First: Value others more than yourself. Hold them in high regard. Treat others as more important than yourself.

Second: Esteem others more than yourself. Respect and admire others more than yourself.

Because when you value and esteem others more than yourself, you will have a mindset of humility and you will be motivated to encourage them.

Daily Doable: Think differently. Value and esteem others more than yourself. Remember this starts by thinking of yourself less.

This is the first of several stories I’ll devote to this topic. I’m not going to identify this principle just yet. What I am going to do is drop some breadcrumbs.

I’m going to do a word jumble where I’ll give you a letter in each story. Today’s word is humility with the letter “H.” In the end, I’ll unscramble the letters and identify the principal.

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