Bad Beginning? You CAN Change The Ending!

I saw the quote for this story on a whiteboard at a meeting one of my sons was attending. I liked it so much, I took a picture with my phone.

Do you have regrets? I know I do! Unless you’re careful, it can be easy to allow your regrets to paralyze you from moving forward. The challenge is to learn from the past and purpose to not repeat it.

The question I would like to explore in this acronym story is this.
How does one start where they are and change their ending?

Allow me to offer 6 ideas from the acronym CHANGE.


As the quote suggests, you have no control over the beginning. But you can start where you are AND control how you move forward. There is real power in that knowledge.


When a person truly learns from their mistakes, it is likely that the experience will humble them. Humility is crucial in order to write the next chapter of your life.


Acceptance of past mistakes is hard. The key is to accept those mistakes but DO NOT let them define who you are becoming.


The quote does not mention a new beginning, but I believe starting where you are is in essence a new beginning. At the very least, it reflects a new mindset that the past will not define who you are becoming.


Don’t beat yourself up. If you really intend to change the ending to your story, grant yourself some grace. You have made a wise choice.


The new ending you’re writing will require endurance. At times, the past can rear its ugly head and try to pull you back. Don’t let it do it. You’ve got this!

Daily Doable: I can’t say it better than our quote. “ … start where you are and change the ending.”

You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending. ~C.S. Lewis


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