The Jedi Solution to Writer’s Block

Have you ever felt like this poor Stormtrooper? Sadly, he doesn’t realize the simple solution to writer’s block. But you’re about to discover it.


Help me, Template Master. You’re our only hope.

After his failed tutelage of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan went into seclusion and became a successful writer under the pen name Ben Kenobi. What Jedi mind trick did he employ? Templates of course!


Want to defeat writer’s block? Trust templates!

At first, he was hesitant to trust the power of templates to defeat Writer’s Block. But to his credit, young Luke embraced the centuries-old principle and became the hero we admire today.


I find your lack of faith in templates DISTURBING!

Yes Sir, Mr. D.! Even the Dark Side could not turn Darth Vader from embracing the power of templates. Fortunately, for our heroes, he could not convince the rest of the Evil Empire to side with him. And the rest is history.


Key to unlock Writer’s Block, templates are?

I can’t say it any better, Master Yoda.


Why didn’t anyone ask us R2? We understand the Power of Templates!

It’s probably because people are reluctant to listen to artificial intelligence C3PO. But if anyone should know the Power of Templates to defeat Writer’s Block, it would be the first users of the ACRONYM Template.

Daily Doable: Convinced? Get your very own ACRONYM Template and defeat Writer’s Block once and for all. See below.

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