Create Amazing Experiences With Joy & Excitement

Do you remember what life was like when you were young? Not the times of uncertainty and anxiety of your teenage years. Before that. Back to the time of single digits, when days were spent playing and exploring.

Do you miss those days? Do you long to feel like a child again but adulthood and “responsibilities” say no to those feelings?

Have you convinced yourself that those emotions must be stored in the attic of your past?

Does this make you sad? It doesn’t have to be this way.

Why not take the wisdom and maturity of adulthood and channel that with your inner child to create something amazing?

Is it possible to take the LEAP and experience the joy of childhood again? I believe it is.

In this acronym story, consider with me 4 ways to leap into your inner child.


Approach new adventures with laughter and a smile. Laughter frees you of inhibitions and mental roadblocks. You will be your most creative when you allow yourself to laugh and smile.



Remember the sheer joy of playtime? Are you willing to jump in that puddle of water again, just because it’s there? Enjoy the process. So many good things will come out of this if your attitude reflects a joyful heart.



Be excited for the “Aha” moments awaiting you. Anticipate them because they will come. And when they do, embrace them, learn from them, and see where they take you next. How do you do that? Keep reading.



Think back to how easy it was to pretend as a child. You haven’t lost the ability to imagine. It’s just been put on a shelf to collect dust. Re-activate your imagination and have fun pretending again.


Daily Doable: You’re the director in this story called life. Don’t wait for permission. Take the LEAP! Jump into your own puddles now!

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