VISIBLE: 7 Keys to Master Online Visibility

How can you be visible in the ocean of the online world? How can you help people navigate the problems they need help solving? What does it take to be visible online?

In this acronym story, think of yourself as the lighthouse others will look to for guidance, safety, and assurance.

These 7 Keys to Master Online Visibility have nothing to do with how fancy your website is or how much money you spend on Facebook ads.

In fact, these 7 Keys will make you visible whether you’re online or not.

The great thing is they will attract the right people to you.


Lead with value and never stop delivering it. Ask yourself this question. In how many ways can I deliver value to my community?


Be authentic. Stay true to your principles. Do not compromise for the sake of a dollar. A phony can be spotted a mile away.

Show Up

A part-time presence is the quickest way to anonymity. If you want to be visible online, show up on a regular basis.


Who do you want to influence? If your answer is everyone, then you’ll be lost in the crowd. To be visible, find a specific group and serve them.


The people you seek to influence are looking for someone to solve their problems. Be the light they can look to with the answers they desire.

Long Haul

Visibility will not happen overnight. If you intend to make a difference, then decide before you start that the word quit is not in your vocabulary.


Be the type of individual others will want to imitate and tell their friends about; an example others will look to.

Daily Doable: Use these 7 Keys to master your online presence. Periodically review them to make sure your light is shining bright.


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