FRONT PORCH: An Acronym Story

Do you love front porches as I do? Maybe your house has one. Awesome, I wish mine did. I offer this acronym story as a way to remember and reflect on this architectural icon. Enjoy!

Friends visiting friends
I remember visiting my friend Forrest who had a huge front porch. Those are special memories. He was like a Grandfather to me.

Check your “hurry” at the top step. A front porch is not a busy place. It’s where you go to kick back and take it easy for a while.

Watch and observe. There’s no better place than the front porch to be a spectator of life.

I picture neighbors waving to neighbors from their front porches to come over for a visit.

Front porches are the perfect spot for talking about whatever.

Porch Swings
There’s a magical charm about porch swings. They have a way of slowing you down with their gentle back and forth rhythm.

Old-time Memories
Who remembers Andy and Barney sitting on the front porch and Barney wanting to get a bottle of pop at the filling station? Simple times.

Rocking Chairs
Second, only to porch swings, no front porch would be complete without a rocking chair or two. If it’s a Cracker Barrel, it might be a couple of dozen 😃

Homes with front porches have a comfortable charm about them that feels inviting. They say stop by and stay awhile.

The two perfect spots to show hospitality to your dearest friends are around the kitchen table and on the front porch. The areas where you can be yourself.

Daily Doable: Do you have special memories of front porches? I’d love to hear them. Please share in the comments below.

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