Gratitude for the Extraordinary, Ordinary of Everyday Life?

What do you do when your everyday routines are disrupted? Do you find yourself wishing for more normal times? I do.

When things that you’re used to doing suddenly stop, or when things are taken away from you, do you start to realize how special they are? Yes!

It could be something as simple as getting a haircut. Maybe it’s getting a cup of coffee or going to the grocery store. It can be easy to take these things for granted.

Until you can’t do them anymore!

Then you realize just how extraordinary the ordinary of everyday life really is. It’s a gift to be cherished.

Daily Doable: Make a list of the ordinary, everyday things that you are used to doing. Think about a time where you couldn’t do some of these things.

Do you have a renewed appreciation for these everyday things? I know I do.

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