Grateful: The Unique & Amazing You?

Are you grateful for being you? Not in an arrogant or prideful way. No! Do you give thanks for all of the things that make up you?

I’m afraid too many people measure themselves by others, all the while ignoring the uniqueness that is them.

Too many people look at the things they can’t do and ignore all of the amazing gifts they possess. Gifts the world can only get from them.

If this describes you, let’s change that thinking now.

Do you have limitations? Who doesn’t?

But have you considered your limitations might actually be your greatest gift?

The mantra I live by is Do What You Can Now. 

I can’t do what you can nor can you do what I can. But when we all contribute our uniqueness to the world, amazing things can happen.

Daily Doable: Ask yourself what makes you unique? Make a list. Give thanks for your uniqueness. But more than that, make a list of how you can take your uniqueness and be a blessing to others.

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