After 32 Years, I Lost My Job!

REJECTION! Does that word bring back painful memories for you? I know it does for me.

I am writing this on the one year anniversary of losing my job. A job I  held for 32 years. Before I continue, I am not going to bash my former employer. I had too many good years there and worked with some really amazing people. For instance…

After a tornado ripped apart my hometown, it was that same employer that supported my efforts to raise money for my community by giving me time off. And then donated $50K to my T-shirt project.

This was a business decision, plain and simple. I lost my job for lack of work. But it still hurt and it still felt like rejection.

Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience of losing a job or maybe you’ve been rejected by someone you cared deeply about. I know how that feels too. I’ve lived that with my oldest son.

At the moment it happens, rejection does not feel good. But let’s see if there is a way to look at rejection with gratitude.

Gratitude! Yes, I said gratitude.

Think about those times where you were rejected and what that rejection ultimately lead to. Could it be that rejection led to something much better?

Over the past year, I have been reinventing myself. I’ve explored writing and ways to make it easier to do. I’m creating my own products. It’s an exciting time. And I’m doing it from home. No more commuting!

I can honestly say that had it not been for losing my job, I wouldn’t be doing the things I’m doing now.

Has it been easy? No! Has it been worth it? Yes!

Daily Doable: Think back to those times you were rejected. (If it’s still raw, give yourself some grace and take the time to grieve.) If you’re farther removed from the rejection, consider what it could be leading you to and be grateful for the possibilities and opportunities waiting for you.

The key here is to not be bitter. A heart of gratitude will help you to see more clearly the doors that are opening to you.

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