Love a Lifetime of Clarity Without Limitation?

More often than not, life’s paths are not a straight shot to your final destination. No, they are just the opposite, winding, foggy, and filled with uncertainty.

What’s around the next bend? What’s that fuzzy image ahead?
You don’t know.

How do you navigate these paths? Do you run with eyes closed hoping to make it where you want to go? No!

Without a clear picture, what’s your next move? Do you stop and give up? Absolutely not!

Please consider with me 21 Ways To Gain Clarity In Life

In Episode Two of Seven, we’ll consider the second three ways.

Clarity: Look, Listen, and Learn

How to look, listen, and learn your way to clarity?

Look at What is in Front of You

Clarity comes by looking at what is in front of you. Whenever I’m driving at night, I like to have my high beams on because I can see further into the distance. But if you’ve ever driven at night when it’s foggy, and you have your high beams on you know that your vision is greatly impaired because there’s a glare coming off of the fog.

So if you want to see more clearly in the fog then you need to turn on your low beams. That means you’re not going to see as far ahead but what you will see will be more clearly identified for you and it’s actually safer.

This is a really good metaphor for clarity because too many times the tendency is to try and look too far into the future. We all want our high beams on. We want to see what’s at the end of the road.

More times than not, the path that you’re on is going to be foggy. It’s not possible to see that far into the future. It’s better to focus on what is immediately in front of you.

Daily Doable: With your low beams on, look for those things that are right in front of you. This will help you to see clearly in order to navigate the path that you are currently on and will actually help you move at a quicker pace.

Listen To Gain Clarity 

I love to walk my dogs. It’s just me, my dog, and nature. One of the reasons I love walking with them is because it gives me time to listen to my thoughts.

And I take that time, unplugged from all of the noise that distracts me, to listen more deliberately to what has been going on around me.

I have found to achieve clarity, it’s better to be quiet and listen.

Daily Doable: Get quiet and listen. Chances are, the next action step I need to take has been said by someone to me or someone else. Listening helps to diffuse the noise into the most important voices.

Learn In Order To Gain Clarity

Clear your mind of limiting beliefs and preconceived ideas about how things are supposed to be. Otherwise, clarity might allude you. Have an open mind to learn as you go.

When you choose to look at what’s right in front of you, and when you choose to listen quietly, you will begin to learn.

If your mind is closed to possibilities, it’s not going to be possible to gain clarity.

Daily Doable: Remove all the I thinks and I already know this and be willing to consider things you might not have considered before.

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