Amazing Memes Make Teaching Content Creation Easy?

Once upon a time, memes were used to make people laugh and embarrass celebrities like Michael Jordan. But memes can be used to teach too. In this story, I show how to use memes to teach a content creation principle: the importance of templates.

All of the memes you see in this story were created in a matter of minutes using an online service called Imgflip. I have the Imgflip Pro Basic plan which costs me a whopping $3.95/month. This allows me to remove the watermark for Imgflip.

I hope you enjoy Memes Teach Templates.

You’re Starting From Scratch Each Time You Create Content?
Tell Me How Great That’s Going!

Not so well Gene!

Until I discovered templates. Because with templates, you never have to start writing from scratch or stare at a blank computer screen ever again.

Why? Because templates give you a framework to begin the writing process. Templates are the Plug-n-Go System to create content.

So You’re Telling Me I Can Quickly Go From Thoughts To Words?

Yes, I am Shrek! Templates Activate Your Imagination and allow you to quickly capture your thoughts. It’s a beautiful thing. Just like you Shrek 😃

You Keep Using That Phrase Content Creation Templates?
I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.

Au contraire Inigo! I know exactly what it means. Content Creation Templates allow you to begin writing with a Framework that helps you go from Thoughts to Words Quickly. And that’s not all.

Content Creation Templates help you Stay on Message, Create Content That’s Engaging, and Open Your Imagination.

Content Creation Templates: They’re Kind Of A Big Deal!

Yes, they are Ron. But don’t take our word for it. You can check out content creation templates for yourself. Here’s one of my favorites.

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