Will you take flight toward the horizon of opportunity?

Have you considered the long range risks of comfortable inaction?

It’s easy to succumb to inaction. The long range risks can leave a person feeling complacent, resentful, and depressed. A life not lived.

When I was a boy, my family drove past this old farmhouse. On the front porch were two elderly ladies, sisters, sitting in their rocking chairs.

My Dad said something that shocked me and made me sad. He said they were waiting for each other to die. I don’t know why he said that and I never asked.

I hope it wasn’t true but I couldn’t help thinking how tragic if it was.

Have you known people, who were comfortably inactive? My memories of my grandfather were of a man who sat in his recliner and rarely talked to me.

I contrast him with another man who was more like a grandfather to me. My friend Forrest. Forrest taught me a very valuable lesson about action.

Consider the words from President Kennedy about Comfortable Inaction.


I chose this photo because it shows the horizon of opportunity available IF you decide to take action. Both choices are risky and both come with a cost.

Daily Doable: What will it be for you? Action or Comfortable Inaction? Will you take flight toward the horizon of opportunity?

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