The Present Distress

Resolve has gotten us through difficult times before. It can do so again!

I’ve always valued the wisdom of people older than me. My friend, Audrey was a person I looked up to. She was newly married before her husband Ray left to fight in World War II. Audrey had a perspective on dealing with difficult times that I wanted to understand.

After the attacks of September 11th, I was talking to Audrey and asked her about Pearl Harbor. I heard it said that September 11th was our Pearl Harbor. I wanted to know how her generation dealt with that tragedy. How did the country, get through those trying times?

Her words were simple but powerful. “We came together.” There was a resolve in the country. That resolve carried them through that crisis and beyond.

I remember the resolve in the country after 9–11. It didn’t matter what party you belonged to. We were Americans, PERIOD! There was a sense of patriotism I had never seen before. Do you remember the flags? They were everywhere. We were united. Were things perfect? No! But we got through it.

The Present Distress

To borrow a phrase from another time and place, our world is going through its own present distress. COVID-19 is the enemy, the sole focus of the planet in this snapshot of human history.

The word resolve seems appropriate again as I reflect on what Audrey told me about Pearl Harbor and what I remember from 9–11.

With that in mind, I would like to consider how we can show resolve during this present distress. We CAN get through this!

I think in acronyms. I’m not sure why but I find acronyms are a useful way to reinforce a concept. Let’s consider together the acronym R-E-S-O-L-V-E.

Remember the Past
Don’t forget the lessons from the past. Remember my conversation with Audrey. Her generation made it through the uncertain times of WWII.

Our generation made it through the uncertain times following 9–11. There is hope we can do it again.

Even though the enemy is invisible, there is still a fundamental principle to follow. When we come together, success is much more likely.

Q. What can you past experience(s) can you leverage to help in this situation?

Everyone Matters
Together, we can do it again. No one individual can get through a crisis alone. It takes all of us doing what we can. Those on the front lines of this pandemic need all of us to heed the warnings and not exacerbate the problem.

Just because you aren’t on the front lines does not mean you don’t have a role to play. There are lots and lots of selfless acts going on all around us.

Q. What part can you play? What can YOU do now to help?

Stay Strong
These days, the word “STRONG” is attached to many causes. It’s simple, memorable, and effective. Affirmations make for a healthy mindset.

What if #COVID19STRONG became the new hashtag to keep this mindset in our daily conscience?

Q. How can you help spread this message #COVID19STRONG?

One Day at a Time
Day-to-day is the only way to manage this pandemic. All of us hope it is short-lived but we just don’t know what the future holds.

The only thing we can do is to fight this enemy one day at a time. Framing it in short intervals makes the confrontation more manageable.

We must win battle after battle until this war is won.

Q. How are you managing your daily activities?

Love Your Neighbor
One way to fight this enemy is to show love daily to our neighbors. Showing love can be accomplished in a number of ways.

The most important way to show love right now is to prevent the spread of this virus. Social-distancing will work if we all do our part.

Q. What are some other ways you can love your neighbor?

Victim: Don’t Play the Victim Card
It’s time for a little tough-love here. Life isn’t easy. Audrey’s generation played the hand they were dealt. We did it again after 9–11. And we can do it again today.

One of the ways to prevent this is to keep the current crisis in perspective. Think what the majority of us are asked to do. Stay home.

Sure, a lot of us miss the activities that have been canceled. But it’s a sacrifice that is worth it if it will save lives.

Q. How can you rise above victim-hood and deal with this crisis?

Encourage One Another
Yes, we CAN do it today. It’s been over seventy years since Pearl Harbor and almost twenty years since 9–11. This too will pass and one day we will look back on this time and say we got through it.

Until that time comes, it is important that we all do our part to encourage one another. There are so many opportunities with technology to reach.

Q. Who can you encourage today? Do it!

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