Take Charge of Adversity?

How do you respond to adversity?

Even with the challenges the Coronavirus is presenting to all of us, I believe there are silver linings everywhere that we can gain encouragement from.

The quote graphic above gives hope to the person optimistic enough to look beyond their current situation.

I want to build it out and consider ways we can learn to see the silver lining in the dark clouds of despair.

Another quote by Napoleon Hill, offers more encouragement.

Friend, do not become discouraged, disappointed, and disheartened if the seemingly cruel hand of fate knocks you off of your feet! Maybe the blow will prove to be the greatest blessing that ever came your way.

Seeing the silver lining while in the darkness of despair can be learned. May I offer 3 steps that will not only help you to cope with adversity but will also help you to take charge of it.


Step 1 – ASK

Ask yourself this question.
In how many ways can I look for a silver lining in my current situation?
It’s easy to get stuck in gloom and doom. But that’s not where the silver lining is. Get unstuck by asking this question AND writing down your answers.

Journaling is a powerful way to touch your feelings and look for these silver linings.



It’s one thing to ask and record your answers to the question above. But it’s also important that you anticipate the silver lining. Believe it will come and look for it.



As this silver lining presents itself, acknowledge it and begin to move in its direction. Your despair will be replaced by a lighted path that will guide you once again toward progress.


Daily Doable: Take charge of adversity! Ask, Anticipate, and Acknowledge your way to the silver lining that awaits you. Make it your daily aim to practice this mindset. It will brighten the darkest of days and position you for success.


During the dark clouds of despair following my Dad’s passing, our friends offered many “silver linings” to our family. This story is an example that is guiding me to encourage others.


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