Knowing What She Did Will Make You A Better Person?

Do you deliberately make plans to encourage someone else?

I want to share a story with you about someone who deliberately made plans to encourage my family.

The other day, I got a message from a friend on Facebook who asked me what my Dad’s name was? She was going to donate some eyeglasses to her Lion’s Club and wanted to do it in his name.

Before I continue, here’s the backstory.

My Dad passed away two and a half years ago. Our family was amazed by the calls, emails, texts, visits, and all of the food that our friends gave us.

But they wanted to do more! That’s when we had an idea.

Dad was a member of the Lion’s Club and loved being in that organization, primarily because they were all about helping those less fortunate.

One of the things the Lion’s Club does is recycle used eyeglasses for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them.

With permission from the funeral home, we put a basket in the foyer so that anyone who wanted to could gift their old pair of eyeglasses to the Lion’s Club.

After the funeral, we donated the eyeglasses in Dad’s name.


My friend lives a few states away and wasn’t able to attend the funeral. But she remembered me asking for eyeglasses.

For 2–1/2 years, she saved eyeglasses in order to donate them to the Lion’s Club.

While I was texting Dad’s name to her, I told her it was kind of hard because of the tears in my eyes. As I write this, it isn’t any easier.

This was such a sweet gesture on her part. It really encouraged my family.


Daily Doable: How can you deliberately plan to encourage someone else? It doesn’t have to happen overnight. My friend’s plan took 2–1/2 years!

Actions like this come from a servant’s heart. I hope it encourages you to look for ways to encourage someone else.

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